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The Full-Size, 75kg Panis Mirror Would Stand in Your Room as an Illusionary Door

I go to a shopping mall, try on a fancy shirt and come out of the changing room feeling like Clint Eastwood, only to go back home and look myself in the mirror to see an indie rookie. Thanks to the great lighting of the departmental stores, which made me believe I am the most handsome man on earth before the mirror at home busted my bubble. There is a lot of debate surrounding mirrors being deceptive. To some extent they are, but it all depends on the lighting around.

Talking of mirrors being deceptive, take a look at the Panis Mirror. This mirror would give you an illusion of a fake door but don’t worry, you won’t bump into it. Featuring a dark wooden frame, the rectangular mirror is thick at the top and tapers down at the bottom.

It is a blend of traditional and modern design and differs a lot from the rest of the mirrors we have seen in the past. It is a full-length mirror that will become a great addition to a bedroom or the living room.

It is a big mirror, in fact, humongous would be the correct word to describe the 75kg piece. With a height of 85-inches and width of 39-inches, this particular mirror not only reflects the light waves to the observer but also forms an essential part of the interior.

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Handmade in Italy, the mirror comprises wood and glass elements. The mirror is a collaborative design work of Emanuel Gargano, Rosaria Copeta, and Elisabetta Furin. The classic design and sleek body make the mirror rock with its form and function.

Panis Mirror_2

Image: Amura lab

Panis Mirror

Image: Amura lab

Panis Mirror

Image: Amura lab

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