Petco and Backcountry pet sleeping bag

Pet Sleeping Bag is Designed to Keep Your Dog Warm in Dipping Temperature

We claim to love our dogs, but do we really love them? All these furry friends want is company, comfort, and companionship. However, I have seen people leave their dogs back home at the mercy of their neighbors. I’m not much of a dog lover myself, but if I ever synced with the cute canines, I’d take them to every single place I visit, even if it meant a canine crashing my own wedding. I’d feed them the best food, gift them the best pet furniture, and even a sleeping bag if required.

We have seen pet beds, pet furniture, and pet litter boxes but the idea of a pet sleeping bag seems somewhat new. Well, if you are not used to it, get a hang of it because this might just be in popular demand in the near future. Petco has partnered with online retailer Backcountry to unveil its pet gear collection. One of the items – in the collection – that caught my eye is a pet sleeping bag that provides your dog comfort and warmth in dipping temperatures.

The sleeping bag is a perfect little ghetto for your furry friend to rest after a day outdoors. It features a thermal reflective base that mirrors the body warmth and prevents it from escaping into the environment, thus creating a cozy sleeping space for your pet. In addition, it also features a water-resistant fabric which will prevent the bag from getting drenched.

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The pet sleeping beg easily accommodates any small to mid-size dog, be it a French pointer, Husky or Labrador. Available for $60, the sleeping pet bed is an adaptable pack-and-go design with a storage bag. In case it is warm outside, and your pet has too much fur, simply unzip the bag and expand it into a large sleep pad.

Petco and Backcountry pet sleeping bag

Image: Backcountry

Petco and Backcountry pet sleeping bag

Image: Backcountry

Petco and Backcountry pet sleeping bag

Image: Backcountry

Petco and Backcountry pet sleeping bag

Image: Backcountry

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