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PetSafe Automatic Cat Feeder

PetSafe Simple Feed Automatic Cat Feeder is a convenient portion-controlled cat feeder, which contains a preset meal portion(s) that will be dispensed when you have asked the feeder to deliver food for your kitty. The automatic cat feeder’s hopper holds up to 25 cups of dry cat food, while the bowl can hold up to 5 cups of semi-liquid food.
Anyone looking for a pet feeder that can take care of your cat’s eating needs (even when you’re away) must consider the automatic PetSafe cat feeder. It is made in BPA-free plastic and stainless steel combination.

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The feeder can be programmed for dispensing up to 12 meals, which can be fed to the pet in a scheduled manner. The cat feeder also has two additional modes – an immediate feed mode to nourish the cat outside scheduled feeding times, or the pause feed mode to temporarily halt feeding without losing the programmed feed schedule. The feeder is powered by 4 D-cell alkaline batteries though you can also use a power adaptor, which is sold separately.

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