Pinecone-shaped mobile gazebo from MMCITÉ1 and SAD

Pinecone-Shaped Mobile Gazebo from MMCITÉ1 and Atelier SAD

Most gazebo designs are hexagonal or octagonal in shape, but Czech design studios MMCITÉ and Atelier SAD have co-designed and built a unique pinecone mobile gazebo, named after the scales it is covered with. It’s a freestanding dome of 109 scales made using waterproof plywood connected with galvanized joints.

Furthermore, the gazebo can be easily transported and erected in a day, ensuring minimum impact on the land during installation.

David Karásek from MMCITÉ1 design studio said;

During the design process we were aiming to smash boundaries and move forwards. The Pinecone project was a big challenge for us, because it was more than just a one-dimensional product. Above all it is a versatile structure which works in parks and schools alike. It is on the cutting edge of architecture and design, and can even serve as a meditation space.

There are gaps between scales to create a pleasant microclimate and perfect acoustics, while also providing shelter from the elements. All sides of the scales are treated with a resistant glaze to keep them looking vibrant whatever the weather conditions may be. There’s also the option to mount a cover for skylight at the top of the dome. 

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Its subtle functionality and aesthetic form not only makes it a perfect public shelter but also a playhouse, outdoor classroom, yoga studio, a covered room for campfires, etc. With its exterior covered from plywood scales treated with a resistant glaze, the pinecone mobile gazebo ensures vibrant aesthetic in any weather.    

Pinecone-shaped movable gazebo from MMCITÉ1 and SAD

Image: MMCITÉ1

Image: MMCITÉ1

Image: MMCITÉ1

Pinecone-shaped movable gazebo from MMCITÉ1 and SAD

Image: MMCITÉ1

Special thanks to Irena vaňková, on behalf of MMCITÉ1, for sharing the details and images with us!

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