PlayStation Controller Mug is What the Gamer in You Needed

Etched deep in our subconscious since age is the craving to beat a challenging game level. Video games have been our best entertainment option and we all can relate to names like Sega and PlayStation. For ones who have spent countless hours playing addictive games on their PlayStation console, this coffee mug will bring back nostalgic memories.

Dubbed the PlayStation Controller Mug, this accessory is a perfect fit for nerd gamers who like to own, anything and everything gaming. The most alluring thing about the mug is its handle which is a real scaled down replica of the PS1 controller.

The graphics on the cup reminds one of the input buttons which are etched on the back side and the iconic PS logo which looks cool on the white ceramic canvas.

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Just like any other coffee mug out there, this unique cup is made from ceramic and measures 11cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 9cm (D).

You can buy it right away for £12.99 (~ $17) and if you would want to have a square-shaped PlayStation 3D mug, there’s another option too. The PlayStation 3D Mug (priced at £14.99) is a square-shaped mug draped in the retro PlayStation console colors.

PlayStation Coffee Mug

Image: Firebox

PlayStation Coffee Mug

Image: Firebox

PlayStation Coffee Mug

Image: Firebox

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