Star Wars bed by Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Star Wars bed is built for rich young Jedi

Pottery Barn has recently unveiled a Star Wars bed that looks like Millennium Falcon iconic cockpit. Made from expertly crafted solid hardwood, the twin bed is hand-painted to last for years. The entire assembly measures 45.5 x 108.25 x 45.5 inches and comes with slat-roll foundation, used with or without boxspring. The hand-applied finish in layers gives the bed a rich look, but what feels bad is the skyrocketing price, which is as high as $4,000. Launched at Force Friday, Pottery Barn showcased many Disney-themed products, but it was only product that received quite a lot of attention.

The twin bed is surely inspired by one of the most famous and watched series, but still paying this much for a furniture item that is not even convertible and spacious, is surely a reason for parents to think twice before buying it firsthand. Once your kids are grown up, you have no better option than selling it off for a dirt cheap price on eBay. The bed is definitely missing some onboard features like storage space, built-in lights, like we have in Hot Wheels Race car bed, which is convertible as well. However, it wouldn’t be fair to give a biased opinion on this, because it’s parents’ call, after all, as to whether shell out four thousand bucks on Star Wars Millennium Falcon bed or get better things for their kids for life.

Star Wars bed by Pottery Barn Kids

Cockpit area inspired by the Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Star Wars bed by Pottery Barn Kids

Star Wars Bed has a silver plate with Millennium Falcon scribbled on it

Star Wars bed by Pottery Barn Kids

Star Wars Twin bed by Pottery Barn Kids

Star Wars bed by Pottery Barn Kids

The Star Wars Bed is shaped like Millennium Falcon cockpit

Via: Toyland

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