Pro-Idee’s Folding Chair is Ideal for Small Living Spaces

Pro-Idee’s Folding Chair is Ideal for Smallest Living Spaces

There are many benefits of foldable furniture, but when there’s a shortage of space, they become even more useful and practical.  This unique foldable chair design from the retail company Pro-Idee Germany is a good example. You can use it as a seat and thereafter it can be folded-flat to hang on the wall, leaving the floor space free for other things.

The Pro-Idee chair features a unique folding mechanism that allows it to fold in a compact way. Its seat and backrest that are made of 2cm thick wooden slats interlock precisely. In the folded state, the chair is about 7cm narrow which will block minimum space.

You will need to securely attach the backrest to the wall using screws/dowels. Then, its bow-shaped solid wood frame can be adjusted at an angle to create a seat that can support up to 160 kg of weight. The slim wooden slats are the core component of the chair design. They are carefully sanded and oiled, to bring out the beautiful and warm grain, suitable for all interiors.

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The Pro-Idee folding chair looks most practical in the hallway – where you can sit on it to wear your shoes, or maybe throw your bag on when you’re back home. Its practical purposes can be manifold – as a seat in the kitchen or dressing room for instance. The folding chair can be bought for €99 (about $117) from the official website.

Pro-Idee’s Folding Chair is Ideal for Small Living Spaces

Image: Pro-Idee

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