Produce Mate Antimicrobial Kitchen Mat Extends Life of Food

Produce Mate’s Antimicrobial Kitchen Mat Extends Food Life

It is an undeniable fact that Americans waste plenty of food every year. It not only affects the environment negatively but also the pocket. With an idea to help people lower their food waste, Portland-based startup Produce Mate has come up with an innovative product.

Measuring 9 x 11.5 inches, the mat is made of 100-percent food-safe silicone. It is an antimicrobial kitchen mat with minerals that can fight the accumulation of bacteria responsible for spoiling fruits and vegetables.

One just needs to put the fruits and veggies on it and they will stay fresh for longer. According to initial testing of the product, the fruits and vegetables placed on the Produce Mate antimicrobial kitchen mat lasted 40-percent longer than those stored on the countertop.

Food production heavily contributes to climate change and our planet can’t withstand it. The Produce Mate’s antimicrobial kitchen mat will help you lessen your impact on the environment. If the mat doesn’t fit in your fridge, there are modular cut-to-fit lines, which will allow you to easily trim the mat size according to need. The product will last for more than two years and will be available in three colors.

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If you like the product, it is currently being crowd-funding on Kickstarter. You get pre-order one for about $25 and get it delivered in July 2020.

Via: TheSpoonTech

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