For Halloween, some people are going out of the box and making cute little pumpkin fairy houses in their garden or patio. It is a simple and easy Halloween DIY project that leaves you with a unique home decoration. All you need to do is carve mini houses out of pumpkins and decorate them in your unique way with different items.

These pumpkin fairy houses can be decked with purchased miniature items like mushrooms, gnomes and fairies, as well as other things made available in abundance by nature such as pinecone, branches, grass, moss, flowers, leaves, etc.

It is a kids-friendly Halloween craft that will bring out their creativity. The cute little devils are going to love creating new stuff with their hands. If you are planning to turn your garden into a fairytale-inspired mystery land for Halloween, we have got you covered. Check out the following pumpkin fairy garden ideas to get inspiration for your next project.

This cute pumpkin fairy house with a small autumn landscape can be created with the help of kids

Image: deko kitchen

Gather some sticks, pods, and leaves to make these adorable pumpkin fairy houses

Image: Instagram @kathryn_murphy_interiors

This pumpkin fairy house features a bridge at the front door and also a swing alongside

Image: Woodlark Blog

Add Halloween magic to your home with a pumpkin house decked with acorns, tree bark, leaves, and moss

Image: Little Goodall

This pumpkin fairy garden is decorated with cardboard, Popsicle sticks, moss, flowers, and pebbles

Image: Weave in Wonder

This carved fairy pumpkin features an arched doorway, two arched windows, and rooftop decked with glitter

Image: Paging Fun Mums

Grab a pile of natural treasures like pinecones, moss, and painted river stones to turn a pumpkin into a cheerful fairy house

Image: Instagram @onwillowsbend

Make as many pumpkin fairy houses as you want and display them in the garden

Image: Adventure in a Box

Give your pumpkin fairy house a cool touch with tiny furniture

Image: Pinterest

Pumpkin house features a door made of twigs, along with moss and flowers on the roof

Image: Crafts by Amanda

Create a spooky fairy house in your garden using pumpkin and other handmade decorations

Image: HGTV

Make use of your creativity to make a pumpkin look like a mysterious fairy house

Image: Smile Mercantile Crafts Co

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Cute and creepy pumpkin fairy house with stone cladding and creepy eyes

Image: Darice Blog

Gather your Halloween miniatures and decorate a carved pumpkin house

Image: Linzer Lane Blog

Kids will love creating a Popsicle door for a pumpkin fairy garden and porthole windows

Image: The Usual Mayhem

This pumpkin fairy house features painted doors, windows and mini planters made of half pumpkins

Image: Pinterest

Pumpkin fairy house painted in beautiful patterns: two large windows and wooden slide staircase

Image: Instagram @fairiehollow1

Carve pumpkins into fairy houses and enjoy warm glowing light through windows at night

Image: Life is a Party

Pumpkin fairy house made using moss, pinecone, stones and lights

Image: Finding Home Farms   

A little fairy peeking out of her pumpkin house

Image: Victorian Trading Co Blog

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