Best Halloween Crafts for Kids

Simple Halloween Crafts and Activities for Kids

With Halloween around the corner, you may possibly have started gathering ideas to decorate your home in your own unique way. Being a little crafty can be effective, it can help you save money and also add a personal touch to your Halloween decorations.

You can even involve kids in the process. This will be a creative activity for them since it will help them develop new skills and create unforgettable family memories. There are plenty of Halloween crafts for kids you can find online but if you get down to searching, you will be left confused.

For your help, we have gathered a few unique ideas that you can try crafting with your kids for Halloween. These are simple craft ideas that little kids can handle easily.

Simple fold paper bat

Take two paper circles and make wings by folding paper. Now attached the wings to the circles in shape of bat wings, add googly eyes and draw a mouth to complete the look. Kids can easily make this cute bat decoration. Learn more about the build process at I Heart Crafty Things.

Simple fold paper bat Halloween craft for kids

Image: I Heart Crafty Things

Spider handprint craft

A simple project kids can make with their handprints. Read how to make this spider web handprint craft on The Best Ideas for Kids.

Spider handprint Halloween craft for kids

Image: The Best Ideas for Kids

Styrofoam cup spiders

If your little one is afraid of spiders and bugs, this Halloween, give him/her a chance to overcome the fear with this DIY Styrofoam cup spider by One Little Project. Go on and try it with your kid(s).

Styrofoam cup spiders

Image: One Little Project

Paper cup Frankenstein

Place a paper cup upside down and paint it green. The top of the cup should be painted black. Add eyes and a pointy nose to give it the Frankenstein look. Tutorial at Non-Toy Gifts will help you in detail.

Paper cup Frankenstein Halloween craft for kids

Image: Non-Toy Gifts

Hanging paper cup ghosts

These DIY hanging paper cup ghosts from Red Ted Art are extremely easy to make. Not necessarily the finest Halloween décor, but really fun activity for kids.

Hanging paper cup ghosts

Image: Red Ted Art

Floating ghost using balloon

An ordinary balloon can be turned into a floating ghost. Take two large white bin bags cut out with eyes and nose. Glue cardboard eyes and mouth on to a green balloon and then drape the bin bags over it. You can add plastic strips for a frightening appearance. See the full DIY process at Kids Craft Room.

Paper cup floating ghost Halloween craft for kids

Image: Kids Craft Room

Paper plate spider

Kids will love making spiders from pipe cleaners, googly eyes, paper plates and a few other basic crafting supplies. Check out the easy tutorial on The Kindergarten Connection.

Paper plate spider Halloween craft for kids

Image: The Kindergarten Connection

Paper plate candy corn

Paper plates, colors and scissors are all that’s needed for the project. Cut the plate into four equal portions, let kids draw whatever they want and then use the cutouts separately or strung together as a garland. Over to Blitsy for more.

Paper plate candy corn

Image: Blitsy

DIY mason jar mummy lantern

If you have spare mason jars at home, turning them into cute monsters can be a fun activity for kids on Halloween. Help kids wrap a mason jar with gauge to make it look like a mummy. You can also paint the jars and have eyes and mouth cutouts pasted on them for fun. See more at Mason Jar Crafts Love.

DIY mason jar mummy lantern

Image: Mason Jar Crafts Love

Popsicle stick pumpkins

Let kids paint popsicle sticks and arrange them to appear like pumpkins. Over to Honey and Lime for detailed process.

Popsicle stick pumpkins

Image: Honey and Lime

Spider web craft

Popsicle sticks and yarn are things kids can use to make this cute spider web Halloween decorations. They are perfect to be hung inside or outside your home. Check out the tutorial by The Crafting Chicks.

Spider web craft for Halloween

Image: The Crafting Chicks

Lollipop spiders, ghosts and witches

Debbie of One Little Project shared this super simple Halloween craft for kids. She has used pipe cleaners as legs. You can even try making ghosts, witches and other cute decorations in this way.

Lollipop spiders Halloween crafts for kids

Image: One Little Project

Lollipop ghosts Halloween crafts for kids

Image: Happiness is Homemade

Lollipop witches Halloween crafts for kids

Image: Eighteen25

Puffy ghosts

These cute ghosts are made by pasting cotton balls on a paper template. Find full details about the craft at Thriving Home Blog and make these with kids for Halloween.

Puffy ghost Halloween craft for kids

Image: Thriving Home Blog

Pinecone spiders

Kids will love collecting pinecones and turning them into cute spider web decorations for Halloween. Invite your child and get help from Fireflies and Mudpies.

Pinecone spiders for Halloween

Image: Fireflies and Mudpies

Pony bead pumpkins

This Halloween, get your kids down to stringing beads and making cute pumpkins from pony beads. Read for the complete DIY at Cutesy Crafts.

Pony bead pumpkins

Image: Cutesy Crafts

Pumpkin fairy garden

Haven’t you heard of pumpkin fairy gardens? They are a cool new way to involve kids in decorating homes for Halloween. The task is to craft fully detailed dollhouses out of real or artificial pumpkins. Draw inspiration from DIY pumpkin fairy garden by Adventure in a Box.

DIY Pumpkin Fairy Garden for Halloween

Image: Adventure In A Box

Ideas for DIY Pumpkin Fairy House /Garden for Halloween

Image: Instagram @fairiehollow1

Painted pumpkins

Painting pumpkins along with kids is a cool Halloween activity for kids. It can create a learning environment for children. If you want to try it this Halloween, read the process to do it deftly at The Artful Parent.

Painting pumpkins Halloween activity for kids

Image: The Artful Parent

Painted riverside cobbles

Kids can also participate in painting cobbles and rocks. They can be turned into jack-o’-lanterns or snowman-themed Halloween props. Find out more at Glued To My Crafts Blog.

Painted riverside cobbles for Halloween

Image: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Painted riverside cobbles for Halloween

Image: Glued To My Crafts Blog

Boo baskets

If you want to make Halloween scary, then making a spooky boo basket with kids will be a perfect family event. See how to make one at Probably Parents.

Boo baskets for Halloween

Image: Probably Parents

Spider web chalk art

Kids love to draw on a chalkboard. Motivate them to work on a Halloween theme when drawing – spiders, pumpkins anything they want. Get more ideas for it at Teaching Mama.

Spider web chalk art for kids

Image: Teaching Mama

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