These Pumpkin Shaped Lanterns Are Equipped With LED Lights12

It’s Hard to Tell Whether These Pumpkins With Built-in LEDs are Fake or Real

The craze to celebrate Halloween this fall is at an all-time high after a cold and disappointing Halloween in 2020. In the bid to prepare you for the festivity, we have already acquainted you with plastic molds you can use to grow pumpkins in various shapes and with over 50 different ways to make Halloween pumpkins from different materials.

Now we have come across Halloween pumpkin-shaped lanterns that are equipped with LEDs to brighten the celebrations. These lightweight pumpkin-shaped lanterns are made of resin and are very intriguing to the eye.

The almost realistic pumpkins will not only be a perfect fit for your Halloween interior but will also add to the décor of your house once placed on a shelf. The feature that hallmarks this item is LED lights hidden inside the pumpkin body.

These lights can be used during nighttime to glow up the house and make your Halloween even more fun. These pumpkin lights come equipped with built-in batteries so you need not buy batteries separately. 

The mixed shape and size of these lanterns are inspired by natural pumpkins. The little cracks on the exterior body mimic the natural veggie.

These Jack-o’-lanterns will surely add fun to a party or form an integral part of a romantic dinner. These LED pumpkins are pretty easy to use and can be gently turned on by switching on the button located at their bottom. 

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Halloween LED Light-up Pumpkins come in three different shapes and size configurations. For further information, jump to the official website of Donnas Gift Emporium where you can get these LED pumpkins for $22.

These Pumpkin Shaped Lanterns Are Equipped With LED Lights

Image: Donnas Gift Emporium

These Pumpkin Shaped Lanterns Are Equipped With LED Lights

Image: Donnas Gift Emporium

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