QR-Total Touchless Sanitary Module by OLI

QR-Total Works with Existing Toilet to Let You Flush with Hand Gestures

QR-Total is a touchless sanitary module by European cistern producer OLI. Designed for wall-hung toilets, it can be outfitted to an existing inlet and outlet water connection, eliminating the need to break walls to achieve a concealed cistern look during a renovation.

The QR-Total comes with stainless steel tilt selector button in matte finish, simply raise your hand in front of it to flush the toilet. The installation stands behind a toilet seat and features light indicators. There are built-in capacitive sensors that detect the presence of the human body at approximately 20 mm.

You can choose between a half flush and complete flush by simply approaching hand to the corresponding light symbol.

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The QR-Total touchless sanitary module will not only add to convenience but will also improve hygiene and sanitary conditions of a bathroom.

If you want to future-proof your bathroom, it might be relevant to consider this installation and add gesture-controls to your WC. 

QR-Total Touchless Sanitary Module by OLI

Image: OLI

QR-Total Touchless Sanitary Module by OLI

Image: OLI

QR-Total Touchless Sanitary Module by OLI

Image: OLI

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