Realistic Miniature Kitchen Set for Cooking Mini Food Recipes

You might have cooked fine meatballs, hamburgers, noodles or pancakes in standard utensils in your kitchen; but this guy from Minature AAA is a great fan of cooking them all in reality with realistic dollhouse-sized kitchen appliances created by the Japanese company. Previously we described the miniature cookware methods he used for preparing coffee and omelet for the breakfast in a tiny kitchen set for cooking food.

In various mini cooking videos on company’s YouTube channel, one can clearly see the portable miniature kitchen space furnished with mini stove, dining table, wine cabinet, sink, dustbin, utensils, and other tiny accessories required for cooking edible miniature food items.

Using Minature AAA tiny cookware set, he has cooked some yummy deep-fried delicacies, while he can also be seen cutting vegetables with mini knives and serving drinkables in miniature cups. Recently, he uploaded a video of preparing mini doughnuts using fully-functional mini cooking set.

In this video, he washed small ladles and prepared the dough in a tiny pan placed over the mini steel kitchen table. These small kitchen appliances can be used for making incredibly small delicacies with your kids.

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The company offers a number of hamster-sized kitchen tools to create a fully-functional miniature kitchen mania at home. The complete miniature kitchen set includes real equipment, so one also needs to be careful while using them. Miniature AAA also offers other mini kitchen appliances including knifes, display cases etc. The miniature kitchen unit available in three colors and can be purchased for $149 at Miniature AAA.

Complete miniature kitchen with tiny utensils and other tools

Complete miniature kitchen set with tiny utensils and other tools

Features a mini stove

Features a mini stove

Miniature Soba Set

Miniature Soba Set

Includes a kitchen knife

Soba set includes a kitchen knife

Mini knife for cutting small food items

Mini knife for cutting small food items

Display case for knifes

Display case for knifes

Cook mini food at with Miniature AAA tiny kitchen appliances

Cook tiny food with Miniature kitchen appliances

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