Reasons to Buy Ceiling Bed

5 Reasons to Buy a Ceiling Bed (Other Than Space Saving)

Space saving is a major criterion when it comes to home improvement, especially in urban localities. The value of any property these days is determined by the clever ways in which optimum utilization of available space is done. Ceiling beds are a good example of how space saving is done in urban scenarios while using the available vertical space.

It is obvious that a ceiling bed or any other furniture piece which has retractable or concealing features is high on space-saving. So it makes complete sense to burn some money on such modern furnishing. But what might be the other reasons to go for a ceiling bed, apart from the space-saving feature? Let’s have a look.

Got money to blow

Don’t get us wrong, but if you have a fat bank balance, going for a ceiling bed makes for a good option. At least it is better than blowing a chunk on some ridiculously expensive piece of painting or artifact.

A ceiling bed is expensive when compared to a Murphy bed, it requires secure mounting points on the ceiling which can hold the weight of the bed. Also, there has to be a lowering and raising mechanism which can be a costly affair.

Bragging rights

The first reason gives buyer liberty to go for a ceiling bed. And if you’ve got a bed that lowers from up above when needed, it is a reason enough for showing off. A bed that conceals in the ceiling in plain sight is not a common affair, and anyone who visits your place will be amazed to see it falling from the ceiling. As we said, if you’ve got it you better flaunt it.

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Better than Murphy beds

A ceiling bed doesn’t need any clear space beneath as it can be lowered over other furniture without even touching it. The bed hangs in the air as you lumber into sleep cozily and when the morning hits, just get out of the bed and retract it to the ceiling.

Thanks to a crank mechanism, the bed can be retracted or lowered without much effort within seconds. In fact, new age ceiling beds can be operated with just the push of a button via the hydraulic motors installed. Of course, it will cost you even more, so be prepared to slash more money. 

On the other hand, Murphy beds need empty space in the position where it will be retracted. Also, they need removing of mattress and pillow when not in use. This, in a way, affects the space-saving feature as mattress and pillows need to be stored in a cabinet or cupboard which again takes up space. Rearranging of the bedding is also a hassle.

Scope for flexibility

A ceiling bed can be lowered to the preferred height, thereby giving it the flexibility to be placed at certain height depending on the available space underneath. This is useful especially when you don’t want to rearrange your furniture.

Mobile mezzanine

The vertically moving mechanism turns the ceiling bed into a mobile mezzanine at will for other utility. If the bed is used occasionally, you can use it as a loft bed for kids (how cool is that) or maybe as a condo for you finicky cat.

Things to consider when installing a ceiling bed

Ceiling beds are quite heavy as they have to bear the weight of two adults, the bedding, and its frame. Before installing a ceiling bed, try to be double sure that the ceiling can hold this massive weight.

If the bed has a vertical mount which holds the counterweight and weight of the bed, there is no need to attach it to the ceiling. All the weight is transferred to the sides and the pulley mounted on the vertical columns.

But this option takes up space as the vertical mount frame needs to be installed.

Safety consideration

If kids are going to use the ceiling bed (under the age of six years), make sure it is no more than 30 inches off the ground according to Consumer Products Safety Commission recommendation. The absence of guard rails will make it unsafe for kids at that height.

Bed mattress

The mattress of a hanging bed should not be thicker than 8”-12” which is less or equal to the height of guardrails of the bed. It should also not impede with the CPSC recommendations between the bed and ceiling.

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