This 3D Printed Chair is Made of Yogurt Pots_1

3D Printed From Yogurt Pots, This Affordable Chair can be Mass-Produced

3D printing is making its presence felt in design and furniture industry. Materials like metal plastic and resin are being printed layer upon layer and additive manufacturing is the future, thanks to Computed Aided Design (CAD) files. The aforementioned sentences are a complete cliché, considering 3D printing is no longer marking its debut, rather it is the backbone of most design and furniture firms now.

Designers and manufacturers are leaving no stones unturned in clobbering their competitors with the best-suited 3D printed designs for home and office. St Petersburg-based design brand Delo is following the fad and producing minimalist 3D printed chairs from waste of yogurt pots.

The design studio in collaboration with EBURET, a company specializing in recycling and reusing plastic launched a chair made of plastic waste. Dubbed Rechair, the chair is an elegant piece of furniture that is suited for both outside and inside usage. These chairs can easily be stacked providing a space-saving feature for the user.

Both design firms started collecting offcuts from factories that produce yogurt in the Russian supermarkets. The offcuts were then turned into plastic sheets and printed into a lightly formed and folded shape. The design of the chair features a seat and metal frames. The chair is available in an array of colors from pink, light grey to dark grey.

Built on pillars of functionality, advanced technology, and cost-effectiveness, 3D printing enables the creation of reliable objects and complex forms. Even though this technology is more expensive than plastic molding, it allows us to produce objects in small batches and quickly edit the design process. The items can be 3D printed as a whole or partially, as in the case of Delo’s Rechair.

The CEO of Delo, Arsenii Brodach told Homecrux,

“The idea of Rechair is opposed to several 3D printed chairs which are mainly created as a work of art or a piece of collectable design. We wanted our chair to be affordable and mass-produced, hence its simplistic yet recognisable design.”

“We addressed 3D printing to create a durable and eco-friendly seating made of yogurt cup’s waste. Apart from durability of the model, the printing has also resulted in its specific textured surface and a laconic silhouette which Delo is known for.”

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Delo mentions the aim behind the collaboration was to create technologically advanced objects rather than separate items of conceptual thought. In a bid to save the environment from the ghost of plastic, the chair can be mass-produced causing minimal damage to nature.

This 3D Printed Chair is Made of Yogurt Pots

Image: Delo

This 3D Printed Chair is Made of Yogurt Pots_2

Image: Delo

This 3D Printed Chair is Made of Yogurt Pots_6

Image: Delo

This 3D Printed Chair is Made of Yogurt Pots_5

Image: Delo

This 3D Printed Chair is Made of Yogurt Pots_4

Image: Delo

This 3D Printed Chair is Made of Yogurt Pots_3

Image: Delo

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