Tortilla record player

Record player tortilla will make you groove on famous Mexican Hat Dance

Tortilla’s has been the part of kitchen for many years and in every country the purpose of serving tortillas is very different. However, this new invention and use of tortilla will surely leave you amused and amazed. YouTube users Rapture Records has created utterly crazy playing record using uncooked flour tortillas.

Amazed? Well, this is not an illusion, but a real device made out of nothing but tortillas. Rapture Records, a dedicated musical site behind the music of video games, film and televisions, has actually turned edible tortilla into a musical device, along with etched grooves and lyrics on it using laser cut technology.

The tortilla record player is definitely a unique gimmick with a touch of music. To give it a truly Mexican feel, the uncooked tortilla is carved with the famous Mexican Hat Dance song, also popularly known as “Jarabe Tapatio” giving a proof that no one prepares better tortillas than Mexicans.

With the advancement in the music industry, there are very few stores that are release record players, and even if they do, they create only limited-edition players set at high prices. However, the benefit of this flour tortilla is that you can use in many ways to enjoy the music. In case, you get tired with the track, you are still left with the option to cook yourself yummy, mouth-watering Burrito or tacos, using the same tortilla on the vinyl record player.

Check out the video given below to find out more about the tortilla record player.

Tortilla record player

Uncooked flour tortilla etched with the help of laser cutter

Via: Technabob

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