Researchers in Netherlands draft pure beer from harvested rainwater

Netherlands has been experiencing relentless rain since the month of June, flooding the areas with unwanted water. To neutralize the harsh effects of rain and harvest rain water for something that has never been done before, a group of budding entrepreneurs have made a brew from rainwater. They took inspiration from a government project called Amsterdam Rainproof which makes citizens aware of the problems created by heavy rainfall. The project aims to make everyone aware about the uses of rainwater harvesting.

To do this, they have launched a brew (beer to be precise) made from rainwater to demonstrate how we can make good use of extra rainwater. They did so at the De Prael brewery in Amsterdam and people keen about this experiment turned up to taste the chilled beer made from rain water. They used organic malted barley and wheat as the base material, while hops and yeast provide fermentation and flavor to the beer.

37-year-old Joris Hoebe thought if this unique idea and with a group of four students and a researcher managed to brew beer from rainwater in the basement of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. They collected 1000 liters of rainwater and with help from local brewery managed to bring this unique beer to life.

The makers have branded it as Hemelswater: Code Blond and it is a 5.7% alcohol content beer. It is quite smooth, fruity in taste and as expected bitter as a beer should be. It is worth telling that Hemelswater means heaven’s water in Dutch.

Rainwater Harvesting Tanks At De Prael Brewery In Amsterdam

                                                                     Rainwater Harvesting Tanks At De Prael Brewery In Amsterdam

Credit: TheGuardian

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