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Ronen Tinman's furniture collection

Ronen Tinman’s furniture collection made from real car parts

Ronen Tinman's furniture collection

Automotive furniture pieces have always enticed us with their stylish nature, which in most cases is derived out of sheer pedigree. However, artist Ronen Tinman of Studio Tinman has given a ‘realistic’ twist to the very scope of automotive furniture by utilizing authentic car parts for his collection. The classic re-interpretation of old into new was helped by upcycled components salvaged from a host of famous cars rotting in the junkyards. The list includes exalted names of automakers like BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen, Toyota and Kawasaki. The collection of furniture also has wide range of items including – chests (from BMW parts), sofas (from Lexus parts), cupboards (from Toyota parts) and tables (from Kawasaki parts).

The best part about the recycled collection is the application of different innovative techniques (by the designer) to arrive at the end product. These techniques include – cutting, welding, flattening, panel beating, gluing, drilling, lining, painting and protecting. This expansive ambit allows for better structure as well as finishing for the furniture items.

The other interesting thing about the furniture collection is that the final design blatantly exhibits the ‘scars’ of the original car component. This according to the designer defines the ‘worldliness and wisdom’ of the furniture pieces by imbuing them with unique visuals and essence. So, at the end of the day, the scope is not only about the automobile parts being given a second lease of life; it is also about the novelty and the fun factor that accompanies this sustainable process.

Via: RonenTinman

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