These Rotating Bookshelves Make Way to A Secret Room

Sao Paulo-based architect Consuelo Jorge has designed an apartment in Brazil for an art collector. It features three rotating bookshelves that serve as hidden doors to a secret room. These sliding bookshelves rotate on their axis, allowing the residents to reveal the entrance to a hidden room on its backside. The upper section of these bookshelves is reserved for books and other small decor items, while the lower part has a plain design to give it a distinguished look.

Consuelo has kept the design simple and clean by draping them in the same color scheme that the room is painted in. These white-colored bookshelves make a perfect spot to keep books or display a picture frame.

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At first sight, it appears that these bookshelves are integrated onto the wall, but there’s an unseen room behind them. The hidden space behind the rotating shelves can be a private room to read your favorite books without any disturbance.

These bookshelves are the result of the creativity of Consuelo and are a great solution to keep books organized, while also serving as a functional home shelving unit. They are built as a partition between rooms, which leaves some space behind it to be served as a secret hideaway space.

Bookshelves as door of a secret room

Bookshelves look like the door of a secret room

Can be rotated to a set angle

Rotates on its axis to let you inside

White colored bookshelves suits beautifully with interiors

White colored bookshelves match elegantly to the interiors

Via: Contemporist

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