Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa

Tetris-Inspired Modular Sofa Lets You Try Various Seat Combinations

To be honest, I have never played Tetris myself. I have known its popularity growing up but I preferred outdoor sports over virtual gaming. That said, the design world is not aloof of Tetris’s popularity either; designers from time to time have created lighting fixtures, furniture, and more to show their love or fanaticism for the game. Latest in this long list of inspired designers is Sara Hayat who has introduced the Tetris Sofa – and you can guess what it can do!

Being modular in nature, the Tetris sofa can be interlocked easily with other counterparts. Constructed very much like a game of Tetris, it draws inspiration from 3D panels found in the puzzle video game to permit a unique composition of blocks. The cubic furniture can be stacked easily to form a couch. If required, one can either make a big sofa or can even disintegrate it into individual pieces, in case you want more seats.

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Using different fabrics like velvet, suede, and leather each sofa adds a distinct texture to your living space. Measuring around 144-inches in length, 54-inches in width, and 36-inches in height, the sofa is completely handcrafted with meticulous care. For more details, information, and buying-related information, head over to Sara Hayat‘s official website.

Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa_1

Image: Sara Hayat

Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa_2

Image: Sara Hayat

Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa_3

Image: Sara Hayat

Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa_5

Image: Sara Hayat

Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa_6

Image: Sara Hayat

Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa_7

Image: Sara Hayat

Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa_8

Image: Sara Hayat

Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa_9

Image: Sara Hayat

Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa_10

Image: Sara Hayat

Sara Hyat Tetris Sofa_4

Image: Sara Hayat

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