Stelios Mousarris Summit Sofa

Stelios Mousarris Summit Sofa Doubles as Wall Painting to Save Space

Stelios Mousarris is one name in the design industry that needs no introduction. Mousarris in past has released multiple inspiring furniture items and the Cypriot designer received a lot of acclaim for his Wave City coffee table which was inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Inception. The designer also received positive reviews for Tokyo Sky dining that he made in collaboration with Circle Studio.

This time around, the designer has added another loop to his belt and came up with furniture pieces that will sway your mind. Mousarris studio has released a Summit Sofa which doubles as a painting. Yes, you read that right, a painting can successfully transform into fun seating for you and your buddies.

Stelios Mousarris summit sofa can also turn the painting into a play area for you and your friends. The Summit sofa comprises seven majestic cushion pieces. These cushions then fit like a jigsaw puzzle on a wall. Albeit, when placed together, these cushions form a strong and comfortable seating arrangement.

These cushions are magnetic in nature and make a perfect sofa for your living area. Once you are finished playing around with the cushions just simply place them back on the metallic board. In urban dwelling where space comes at a premium, this cushion fits back easily into the wall, thanks to its magnetic mechanism, and help you save a lot of space.

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The item is available for sale at the official website of Mousarris at a price of €3,400 (roughly $3,950). Our guess is that the summit sofa is available in multiple shades of blue though we are not familiar with the dimensions of the sofa yet.

Stelios Mousarris Summit Sofa

Image: Stelios Mousarris

Stelios Mousarris Summit Sofa Doubles as Wall Painting

Image: Stelios Mousarris

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