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Six sleeping positions that describe your personality

Do you want to know about someone’s true personality? We suggest you try and look at the sleeping position of that person. That is what the Director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, Professor Chris Idzikowski believes after a research he conducted. He analyzed six typical sleeping positions and found out that each is associated with a particular personality type. All are mindful of their body language when they are awake but for the first time one will get to see what his subconscious posture says about him. Here are these six sleeping positions and what they say about someone’s personality.

1] The Foetus

Characterized by sleeping to one side, the Foetus position is one in which the spine is curved, the head is bowed forward, and the arms and legs are drawn in towards the chest. This is the most common sleeping position acquired by twice as many women as men. In a survey done on 1000 people, 41% adopted this position.  People sleeping in this position are gentle, kind, very sensitive and emotional. Described tough on the outside, they are sensitive at heart.

2] Log

This position is also identified by side sleeping but the legs and back are straight here with hands on sides and one side of the face rests on the pillow. The log position represents carefreeness and relaxed inner self of the person. The log sleepers are easy going, social people who love to be a part of a group. However, they can be easily deceived. The Log position was adopted by 15% people surveyed.

3] The Yearner

Sleeping with straight back, stretched out hands and slightly bend legs denotes the Yearner position. It was adopted by 13% of these people. The yearner sleepers have open nature and they are friendly but sometimes they can be cynical and suspicious. Yearner sleepers are complex and take their time to make decisions.

4] Starfish

The position is marked by sleeping on the back with both arms up around the pillow. Ready to listen to others, the Starfish sleepers are great listeners and make good friends. However, they don’t like to be center of attention most of the times. In the survey, 5% people slept in this position.

5] Freefall

Lying down on the front side with head turned to one side and hands around the pillow represents the Freefall position. Self-confident, sociable and passionate, the Freefall sleepers are sensitive and anxious within. They love their freedom and avoid desperate situations. 7% people from the survey slept in this position.

6] Soldier

When a person is lying on his back with straight legs and hands pinned to the sides, he is sleeping in the soldier position. Reserved and quiet, soldier sleepers have strong emotions but they don’t show them off. They are loyal and committed to the people close to them. They don’t like disturbances, but set high standards for themselves and others. From the people in the survey, 8% people slept in Soldier position.

Via: BBC

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  • Six sleeping positions that describe your personality

    Do you want to know about someone’s true personality? We suggest you try and look at the sleeping position of that ...
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