Sleep-In Bed by Thöny Collection-1

Sleep-In Bed Turns 360-Degrees, Lulls You in Comfort

Considering people’s demand for sleek, futuristic, and practical furniture, Thony Collection presents luxurious Sleep-In Bed that turns 360-degrees while offering maximum sleeping comfort. The outer shell of this bed boasts a built-in ring with light to create a beautiful atmosphere in the bedroom.

Created by designer Günther Thöny from Liechtenstein, this bed is subtle yet stylish. The purity and clarity of its elegant form enable a user to set it free in a room with its rotational mechanism. This means one can rotate it in any direction – be it facing a TV, windows, or elsewhere.

The home environment is a special place away from your workspace to unwind, relax, and escape the world. So, there’s no surprise why designers put in so much effort to build furniture that provides utmost comfort and visual-appeal to the given space. Such furniture pieces offer consumers a chance to make their house more cutting edge, but comfy.

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We’re certain that this futuristic furniture with sleek and practical form is perfect to meet the demands of a modern homeowner. If you wish to adorn your bedroom with this rotating bed, you may request for price and find more information on the company’s official website.

Sleep-In Bed by Thöny Collection-1

Image: Thöny

Sleep-In Bed by Thöny Collection-1

Image: Thöny

Sleep-In Bed by Thöny Collection-1

Image: Thöny

Sleep-In Bed by Thöny Collection-1

Image: Thöny

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