Smart Mirror 2.0 keeps you entertained by playing music and movies

smart mirror

These days, the smart technology is being employed to ordinary household objects by many designers to make them extraordinarily significant in your everyday regimen. For instance, earlier this week we discussed about the smart smoke detector called the Nest Protect that could communicate with you in a human voice whenever it sensed smoke and CO. Today we will be telling you about a mirror that makes use of command, voice, face and gesture recognition technology. Dubbed as the Smart Mirror 2.0, the designer Robert Grynkofki has cleverly made use of LCD displays, camera and sensors making a simple mirror a striking object that you would just love.

The Smart Mirror 2.0 engages two LCD displays located behind the one-way mirror along with a camera for face recognition, sensors for monitoring any motion and a microphone for grasping the voice command. This mirror will never let you get bored as it plays your favorite music or movies. It will also display the news stream or you e-book. The list does not end up  here as it also communicates reminders and gives weather updates, it can also change the room temperature and dim the room lights. All these innovative features made the Mirror 2.0 an entrant in the Reece Bathroom Innovation Award 2013.

Via: Beautifullife

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