Smart Plant by AVI Labs

Smart Plant Watering System Depicts Plants’ Health by Smiling at You

We introduced you to the 5 best smartphone plant sensors earlier that monitor the health of indoor plants. Today, we have a similar device called Smart Plant, which is based on a similar concept, the only difference is the way it indicates the plant’s condition. This cool device actually shows various expressions on the small built-in LED screen in accordance with plants’ current health. It is created by Ahmet Vural, founder of AVI Labs, in Istanbul for turning plant monitoring process a happening experience.

The device shows a smiling face when all conditions are favorable for your plants, whereas it turns up a gloomy expression when plants are in bad condition. Through these expressions, you can figure out the health of your plants and take action accordingly.

It is basically a portable Bluetooth and internet-controlled device that allows connectivity to any Android/iOS devices. For easy accessibility, it comes with a SmartPlant mobile app allowing you to control the indicator as well as the watering valve easily. Moreover, you can check the moisture level in the soil, light intensity, temperature and level of humidity for controlling water as well as the amount of fertilizer accordingly.

To use the device, you just need to place it near a plant and attach its watering valve to a water source, after that sync it with your internet device via the mobile app. Then, it will automatically start watering your plants according to environmental conditions to keep them healthy and happy.

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You can also add various plant names into the app so that it can properly instruct you about their specific needs for water and fertilizer because some plants have different requirements for growing than the others.

Currently, the project is seeking funds on Kickstarter for an initial goal of about $26,000. You can also support the campaign by pledging amount through online campaigning and get the device at early bird prices for making your plants always smile at you.

Smart Plant by AVI Labs

Smart Plant by AVI Labs

Smart Plant by AVI Labs

Source: Kickstarter

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