Solar Patio vs Rooftop Panels - Which-One-is-Better

Solar Patio vs. Rooftop Panels: Which One is Better?

Patios and Gazebos make your outdoor space both functional and comfortable. If you want to install a new patio cover, why don’t you turn it into a mini power plant by tossing a few solar panels?

Yes, if you are considering investing in a solar lounge, why don’t you think outside of the box and make it an architectural marvel. There are various places you can install solar panels on, but you don’t look chic doing it. Solar panels instead on patio is a clever use of space, and you look rather stylish doing it.

Introduction to Solar Patio

Yes, these are a “thing” now!  Solar patio covers are an emerging trend that uses a structure instead of the room as the framework for solar system installation. These are also called Solar Pergolas.

A big chunk of small-scale solar installation goes on the roof, but not every roof is ideal for solar panel installation. If you have a proper space, you can integrate several other system designs for solar panels. These include:

  • Solar Patio Covers
  • Ground Mounted Solar Systems
  • Solar Carport
  • Solar Trees
  • Solar Gazeboes

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You don’t need extra land for solar gazebos, patio covers, and carports. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of ground-mounted solar panels, which require a separate landmass for installation. You can easily install these panels on an existing structure, or you can upgrade something to incorporate them into your plan.

Solar patio covers are a practical solution for homes that lack an ideal roof, or if you are worried that solar panels will ruin your house’s aesthetic appeal. Moreover, these covers are not only designed for the residential user; commercial properties like restaurants, cafes and anything with outdoor seating can use solar patios.

These panels are an ideal fit for standalone structures as they offer comfort to guests while cutting down your electricity costs.

Solar Patio Covers vs. Rooftop Solar Panels

Rooftop solar panels are a practical option since it makes the roof more useful. Additionally, an average roof is designed well to capture sunlight, so having solar panels on the roof makes sense. However, the suitability of solar panel would rely on a roof’s angle, its orientation and the size.

If the existing roof is not suitable for solar panels or you prefer not to have solar panels mounted on the roof, constructing a custom solar system on a patio with good sun exposure is more valuable. A solar patio cover, in this case, can be a dual-purpose solution. The patio cover can be angled in one direction or it can be curved typically in a way to provide shade and cover.

When you construct a stand-alone solar structure, ground mount solar or a solar patio cover, you start from the scratch. This system can, therefore, be customized for maximum output. A fully customized solar structure is beneficial, but it will take a toll on your wallet. A solar panel system can cost you serious money, considering the solar patio cover and other construction expenses, you end up paying a fortune.

So what’s the benefit of solar patio covers then? Well, it does the same thing as a rooftop system, but it maintains the aesthetic appeal of your home, unlike rooftop panels. But the good looks come at a price.


Building a standalone Patio is complex and harder than installing a rooftop solar panel, you will need to find a specialized installer to design it for you.

If you are short on money and just need a backup system to power a few lights or devices, then you should go with rooftop installation. There is no reason to waste a fortune for a small system. However, if you want something to sustain your household, and you are already investing big, why mind spending a few extra bucks and make it look pretty? Solar patio or gazebo will make for an aesthetically appealing upgrade.

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