SPACE10 Creates Open-Source Bee Home to Preserve Pollinators

On the World Bee Day, Space 10, IKEA’s eco-friendly and sustainable design hub, joined hands with Bakken & Baeck to launch the latest customizable Bee Home for preserving struggling pollinators. The creators of these design-your-own beehives are inviting people to solve the global challenge of receding bee and pollinator populations.

These downloadable, customizable beehives can be built and placed in any open space or garden area. As per the Food and Agriculture Organisation at the United Nations, almost 90-percent of all flowering plants are dependable on pollinators to flourish, grow, and survive.

These pollinators can help you form a diverse ecosystem to keep not only the plants alive but also the essential farm crops, which feed the world. Without bees and other pollinators, the entire world would be so different and many species could come close to extinction. Therefore, it’s important to find such sustainable ways to protect them while growing their populations.

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The Bee Home intends to encourage so many people to do their small part to avoid the environmental disaster. This new beehive explores how creative people can be when given the freedom to design their own home for bees and pollinators, which can be sheltered in your garden or backyard.

To begin creating your own beehive, you can visit Space 10 online to download the design of a Bee Home free of cost.

Image: Space 10

Image: Space 10

Image: Space 10

Image: Space 10

Image: Space 10

Image: Space 10

Image: Space 10

Via: FastCompany

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