Spaceman SlumberUp Retractable Ceiling Bed Offers More in Less

Singapore-based company Spaceman offers its own range of space-saving furniture including murphy beds, hidden wall beds, folding tables, sofa beds and loft beds for kids. Some time back, they launched SlumberUp retractable ceiling bed that helps homeowners in creating additional sleeping space without taking any floor space. It is a clever ceiling bed that requires no motor or electrical connection, rather it uses an ingenious counterweight mechanism to effortlessly rise up to the ceiling for freeing up floor space.

As one manually pulls down the SlumberUp retractable ceiling bed, the folding legs open automatically, while they also get closed when it is raised for further convenience. You don’t need to place it against a wall as it mounts to the ceiling and floor for easy placement.

Moreover, it has a child safety lock to prevent any mishaps. You can even dismantle the bed for moving it to some other location easily. Unlike most of the traditional ceiling beds, it uses just one post to move up or down.

It is quite different from transforming furniture that serves multiple functions but is a worthy addition to maximize space in cramped apartments.

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With a base price of around US$7,588, this retractable ceiling bed is available in four different sizes: single (90 cm), double (140 cm), queen (152 cm) and king (180 cm).

For sure, it is a cool space-saving furniture that also seems to be affordable if compared to key players like Resource Furniture in the niche.

Spaceman SlumberUp Retractable Ceiling Bed

Image: Spaceman

Spaceman SlumberUp Retractable Ceiling Bed

Image: Spaceman

Spaceman SlumberUp retractable ceiling bed offers more in less

Image: Spaceman

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