Dina Chair by DAM

This Stackable Wooden Chair by DAM is Finished in Oak and Light Cork

The design of a chair can be as simple as Jasper Morrison Tea chair or as complex as Wilds chair by Saruk Igor and Ahmadova Marina. One may have their own perception and preferences set in design. These inclinations may vary from person to person but nobody can possibly argue on the properties furniture or chair has to offer. It has to be ergonomic, comfortable to sit and if it’s stackable, that’s icing on the cake.

Dina chair designed by Joana Santos and Hugo Silva is exactly what you’d want in your dining chair. The wooden chairs are made of oak and light cork and can be stacked one above the other. Apart from the space-saving feature they also add interesting accent to any living or dining area. Poised on four legs, the body of the chair is made of solid ash while the seat is finished in composite black cork.

The curved lines of the furniture coincide with natural material making it a minimalistic piece of furniture with very less usage of wood. Unfortunately, the chair does not offer any armrest but the company offers another chair dubbed Dora to cater to this requirement.

Suitable for formal and exquisite surroundings, as well as informal environments, the design of the chair seat was inspired from the slopes of Douro Valley, in Portugal which is famous for Porto Wine. The color and the texture would remind the user of the vineyards’ soil.

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Weighing around 6kg, the chair is available in multiple color options from cold white to sleepy green. It measures around 26.8 x 26.4 x 42.1 inches in width, depth, and height and is ideal dining furniture. The chair was made to honor the hard work of those who have tamed the land of the oldest wine region in the world – the Douro Valley.

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