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Star Wars AT-AT

Star Wars Steampunk AT-AT inspired liquor cabinet is truly unique

 Star Wars AT-AT Liquor Cabinet

Many designers, firms and DIYers from across the world have created various unusual and interesting steampunk home décor objects  with a touch of Star Wars characters. Colin Johnson, a Vancouver based artist and wood butcher, took inspiration from these steampunk models  to create this cool and fully functioning liquor cabinet displayed above. This beautifully hand-crafted cabinet appears like a steampunk interpretation of the AT-AT – the hulking mechanical behemoths from the Star Wars universe.

Called as The Emperor’s Cabinet, it was exhibited at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire  held on the 1st and 2nd of June 2013. This ornamental cabinet is truly one of its kind and the materials used in construction are high density plywood, mahogany veneer, solid brass trim, and glass.  This aesthetically unique liquor cabinet will surely entice all Star Wars fans.

Via:  DesignTaxi

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