Star Wars-Themed Home Office in Sacramento, California

Star Wars-Themed Home Office in Sacramento, California

Rob Equi, a resident of Sacramento, California has created a beautiful Star Wars-inspired display in his home office with the idea of paying homage to the popular film series. He has furnished his home office with Star Wars merchandise and motifs that transcend one into the galaxy far, far away.

While remodeling his home, a diehard Star Wars fan Rob wanted to add Star Wars decor to his lounge and home office and he set out at it with the help of Miche Victoria of Benning Design Construction.

Lighting is the most important design element of this Star Wars-themed home office. The flooring also boasts a round checkered motif that is reminiscent of the holo checkerboard from the Millennium Falcon. Most part of the office and lounge area is custom-designed with extensive use of Neolith.

Behind Rob’s desk in the office, two large wall panels recall the fight scene between Obi-Wan and Darth Vader in Episode 4 A New Hope, while the rest of the office panels draw inspiration from the iconic ‘I am your father’ scene. In the adjacent lounge room, a life-sized replica of Han Solo placed in carbonite is backlit by a panel, referencing the moment in which he’s frozen by the ruthless Vader.

The office is designed for working and studying while the lounge is for relaxation. The lounge area is decorated with memorabilia like an X-wing pilot helmet and replica blaster, signed by one of the actors.

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Actually, Rob wanted a habitable office space that doesn’t look like a film set but has the desired design elements that remind him of the galaxy far, far away. In the pictures below, you can see that the final result really surpass expectations.

Star Wars-Themed Home Office in Sacramento, California

Image: Stone World

Star Wars-Themed Home Office in Sacramento, California

Image: Stone World

Via: StoneWorld

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