Steve Nighteagle's Star Trek themed house

Steve Nighteagle’s Star Trek themed house is surely cool

Steve Nighteagle's Star Trek themed house

Home decor loving Trekkies are coming out of the woodwork this season! Previously it was Britisher Tony Alleyne’s remarkable Starship Enterprise apartment; and now we have another Star Trek concoction in the beautiful state of Colorado, USA. The designer in question is Steve Nighteagle (even his name sounds cool), who built himself a full fledged Star Trek themed home. Known to be quite a fan of science-fiction and the Kirk-esque Star Trek, the immaculate details are there for everyone to see.

According to the designer (who by the way is fortunately also an experienced builder), his original plans was to create an authentic American Southwestern themed house. However, his love for the ’23rd Century’ led to him to righteously build a futuristic abode inspired from this well known universe. Of course, the gargantuan endeavor of completely turning all the rooms into a Star Trek paradise is still incomplete. But he did manage to refurbish one of his larger interior spaces into a Federation Room (which took around 4 years to complete). There are four other rooms which still have to go through the painstaking process,and we are sure our bold designer is all up for the challenge.

Via: OddityCentral

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