Storystore Flex Shelf

Storystore Flex Shelf can be arranged to your decor preference

Bookshelves are certainly traversing their scope as just storage mechanisms for your books; they are now emerging fast as definitive home decor items with their very own aesthetic credentials. The Storystore Flex Shelf from Russia is an apt example of this visual oriented trend. And what’s more, this entire visual scope can actually be managed and customized by the user himself, as the shelving system comprises of modular panels. These vibrantly designed panels can be arranged along a wall facade to your preference. For example, as we can see from the above image, it says – I love (heart) books.

Given the modular characteristics of the Storystore Flex Shelf, the usability of the design is flexible on many levels. We can use it as an art statement of our own in our living and drawing rooms. Similarly we can use the shelving system as a regular book storing item in our bedrooms and other private zones. Furthermore, the unobtrusive shape and sizes of modular pieces are practical in their own right. This even allows them to be used in unconventional spaces like kitchen for keeping your cook books and novelty crockery sets.

And, since we have brought up usability as an advantage, the installation of the Storystore Flex Shelf is a pretty easy affair in itslef; you would just need to connect the corner hinged segments for your very own personal pattern. The designs are also available in various pre-arranged patterns, in case you don’t want waste your time in some DIY endeavor.

For more details on pricing and buying, please check out Storystore’s catalog page.

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