Germen Crew

The biggest Mexican macromural by Germen Crew brings peace and unity

To rehabilitate and restore Palmitas, a town in Pachuca district, Mexican Government has teamed up with Germen Crew for creating colorful street art mural, so as to bring back life, peace, harmony and unity among the residents of the town. Germen Crew is a street art youth organization that from past 13 years has been using alternative forms to communicate with the help of graffiti and murals. Through their street are they are trying to regenerate harmonious society as well as strengthening the history and cultural practices.

Together the team painted an entire Mexican town including more than 200 houses into awe-inspiring mural stretch over 200,000-square-feet. The aim of the project is to bring back harmony in the community. The massive rainbow mural simply brings out life into a lifeless locality, showing that even public art can bring positivity and efficacious social impact.

According to Uriel del Rio, a member from Germen Crew, graffiti art and its history remind residents to avoid falling prey to making bad decision. Moreover, this eccentric street art is also inspiring them to spread the same message to others as well.

The project has left a positive impact on 452 families (approx. 1,808 people). This initiative has even motivated people from the town to eradicate violence. The rainbow mural has not only brought life back into the village, but also in real sense proved to be a rainbow of hope, beauty, promise and enlightenment.

Germen Crew

Colorful rainbow mural in Palmitas- a town in Pachuca district, Mexico

Germen Crew

Initiative taken by Mexican government and Germen Crew to rehabilitate the village

Germen Crew

The project extends 200,000-square-feet and includes more than 200 houses

Germen Crew

The rainbow art is bringing new hope among people

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