Arachnide chair by Studioforma

The elegant Arachnide chair mimics the morphology of a spider

Arachnide chair by Studioforma

Designers all over the world seem to have an affinity for spider inspired furniture items. In that regard, previously we had talked about spider tables and even spider shelves. And now, we have came across the Arachnide chair from Swiss architects Studioforma. Exhibiting a willowy frame that consists of a simple arrangement of angles, the svelte form of the chair alludes to an elegant, minimalist essence. This lean structure effortlessly relates to the morphology of a spider, thus providing us with a clear visual as well as symbolic scope.

Now beyond the aesthetics of arachnids, the Arachnide chair also exhibits duality of materials used for its construction. The support structure including the angular legs, arm-rests and the seat edges are all crafted from smoked oak. However, the seat itself along with the back-rest is made from sturdy aluminum. This metallic facade creates a shimmering reflective surface that provides a contrasting effect to the dark stained nature of the oak.

Via: Studioforma

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