Lunar Bench by Jesse Ede

The Flintstones Would Love Jesse Ede’s Lunar Bench

Jesse Ede, a Cape Town-based designer has a profound affinity for all things natural. Probably that’s why he likes to preserve the essence of organic surfaces, altering them slightly to form sculptures which show the relation between material and manmade processes. His latest creation is the Lunar Bench which is made out of a raw piece of Malmesbury Slate stone sourced from a local quarry.

This stone is often used in building material, but Jesse used it in a completely new way to exemplify contract in the balance of the design. To add a rustic look, he used smolten recycled aluminum. It’s interesting, since, aluminum is a lightweight material and the stone is quite heavy. In a way, Jesse wanted to show this contrast and created the Lunar Bench.

Visually the furniture piece looks appealing and will be perfect for a modern home themed around a rustic look. Lunar Bench is indeed something that you won’t get to see often in someone’ living room, so owning one will make your interiors come alive.

Apparently, this is not the first time Jesse has made a unique lunar furniture piece, as the Lunar Table oozed with the same very essence of staying raw.

As the bench is made with so much attention to detail, it carries a steep price tag of GBP 8,125 ($10,000 USD approximately).

Lunar Bench by Jesse Ede

Made from Malmesbury Slate stone

Lunar Bench by Jesse Ede

Smolten aluminum graces the top

Lunar Bench by Jesse Ede

The raw stone pierced out of the bench

Lunar Bench by Jesse Ede

Pouring aluminum to form the basic structure

Lunar Bench by Jesse Ede

Jesse Ede and his team bringing this bench to life

Lunar Bench by Jesse Ede

unique method used for adding rustic touch

Lunar Bench by Jesse Ede

Lunar Bench by Jesse Ede

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