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The only two things to consider when buying a house

Shopping for a house is not easy. We’ve all done it: get so caught up with the idea of something that we ignore all the flaws. Usually – and unfortunately – this happens with relationships, but the consequences turn out to be longer lasting when this scenario occurs when investing in another long term asset – property.

Like a lover, there can be many reasons why one might fall under a prospective home’s spell – marble bathroom floors, a sunken tub, steam showers, a Viking kitchen. Similarly, there can be many reasons why that beautiful home just isn’t for you. First – as they say – is location.


Perhaps the most important factor, according to the Guardian, in choosing where to live is finding the right location. Is the area safe? You can look up crime statistic in the immediate area and ask neighbors to determine exactly how much safety you might be sacrificing for style. Also, you’ll want to know how far the house is from your place of employment. Of course it costs cash to get from point A to point B – and the further the distance, the higher the cost – but you have to remember that time is money. A long commute back and forth isn’t necessarily worth all the hassle despite how beautiful marble floors may look.


Then the second most important thing is the price of the mortgage. Before you shop for houses, you should set a budget of exactly how much you’re willing and able to pay per month. Bounce this information off of a handy mortgage calculator to determine not only the estimated monthly payments for the beginning mortgage period, but how much you’ll pay every month once that beginning period has ceased. This will determine your market as dictated by your price range. If the house of your dreams is out of your price range, then it isn’t really the house of your dreams; it is the stuff of a future nightmare.

Instead of getting caught up in a toxic relationship with a large inanimate object, you can inquire about similar houses in the same neighborhood that might be listed for less. You’re likely to love that home as much as you would have the one that was out of your price range and, at worst, you have something to continue to strive towards.

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