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Water Sculpture by Ben Young

Sculptural Ocean Waves Handcrafted Using Layered Sheets of Glass

You might misinterpret these beautiful sculptures for actual water, but these are nothing but glass and concrete sculptures handcrafted by Australian artist Ben Young. He is greatly influenced by mysteries of ocean waters since he has grown up near the Bay of Plenty on the northern coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

What makes his artistic sculptures more interesting is the fact that these are not made using any computerized or 3D-printing technologies. In fact the stunning art pieces are all handcrafted using several layers of carefully cut glass representing water and concrete that mimic mountains and rocky surfaces within or around ocean water.

Young has built both abstract and realistic interpretations of water waves of the ocean so beautifully that one remains spellbound after looking at these magnificent sculptures.

Young has developed various sculptures using the same material. Some of these structures are named – Fjord, Rough Waters, NewLands, The Beacon, Shore Break, etc. Each artistic centerpiece has a uniqueness of its own and can be used to transform your living space into an oceanic wonder with its impressive watery aesthetics.

It is truly unbelievable that such water sculptures could be handcrafted into an elegant realistic design, which one can’t figure out to be unreal unless touched.

We won’t keep you hanging for long and let the images (below) talk for themselves.

Water Sculpture by Ben Young

Water sculpture representing natural Fjord

Water Sculpture by Ben Young

Fjord made of glass and concrete base

Water Sculpture by Ben Young

New Lands: Laminated clear float glass surrounding a concrete mountain structure

Water Sculpture by Ben Young

Square glass around the concrete structure

Water Sculpture by Ben Young

Shore Break: Water waves coming to the shore

Water Sculpture by Ben Young

Structure representing rough water waves in the ocean

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