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The Skull Cake Looks Horrible, But is Sweet and Edible

Cooking is an art, and artists like Hellen Die are rare talents. For her crazy passion for dead things, she kind off deserve the “Anyone can cook” tile from the movie Ratatouille. She is a full time writer and a wonderful cook, and this skull cake is a master piece of her talent.

Die loves experimenting with cakes and sharing it’s picture to her Instagram page. When she is not writing, she spends most of her time in the kitchen baking cakes of different shapes and delights.

Cakes are important part of food, whether we consider it or not, they enhance the beauty of our dining table and make parties sweeter. Decorating cakes is not everyone’s cup of tea. A cake’s base is easy to make but crafting its top with icing requires discipline, skill and patience.

Explaining about her incredible skull cake on her blog, Die explains,

This cake is in honor of those bones, because, yes, even a demon can get sentimental (and a little lonely) at times.

To decorate the skull cake, she has used the following ingredients:


#Chocolate powder

#White\Dark chocolate

#Chocolate cookies


#Mint leaves

#Green, yellow and black food coloring

First, she greased the skull mold, and filled liquid chocolate into it and tilted it back and forth. This step ensures that chocolate covers all the areas inside the mold.

When skull got its shape; she painted it with vodka and chocolate powder mixture and craved some symbols on the top of it to give it a more horrifying look.

She covered the cake base with lots of frosting and placed the skull over the base. Now, she sprinkled dirt and crumbs of chocolate cookies and wafers on the frosting and added mint leaves and colors around the skull to give it depth and real look.

For Halloween, you can also try making a skull cake, and maybe end up scaring your neighbors with the delicious surprise!

Melting  the white chocolate

Chocolate in the mold

Symbols carved on the skull

Lots of frosting on the cake’s base

Preparing Wafer dirt

Placing the skull on the base

Polishing the cake with vodka and chocolate

Cake is ready to serve

Via: BoredPanda

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