Keen Home Smart Vents

This Black Friday, Keen Home smart vents will hit online stores

Winter is literally upon us and with that our energy bills are certainly going to rise again. Although Nest thermostats claim to reduce electricity costs, but these heating systems run unnecessarily even in extra rooms of a house. This means wastage of energy and additional electric costs.

But if you remember that recently CES 2015 in Las Vegas, the revolutionary Keen Home smart vents were unveiled, which are designed especially to offer room-by-room temperature control throughout the home.

Whether you are controlling one or more rooms, the problem of overheated and too cold spots will not happen with these intelligent installations. In addition to giving you full control of room-to-room temperature, Keen Home smart vents are also energy-efficient and save your money on expensive heating bills.

Unlike Nest or other thermostats/vents, these smart vents let you control HVAC airflow/individual room temperature all thanks to a smartphone app. Plus, Keen Home bridge has also been launched now for operating the smart vent system without the mobile app.

The smart vents are compatible across multiple hub platforms, including Lowe’s Iris 2.0 and SmartThings. Moreover, the vents’ built-in wireless radios can even support ZigBee and Thread. Another good news is that these smart heat-controlling vents are all set to go on sale, starting this Black Friday, i.e., November 27. So, if you’re looking for conveniently intelligent heating system for your home, this one is just perfect for you. It will certainly make your life easier like never before.

For just $85, you can purchase this customizable heating system from IrisbyLowes, KeenHome and Amazon. The bridge required to control these vents can be purchased separately and will cost you $40. Keen app for only iPhones will also be launched on Friday, whereas the app for Android version is due for December.

Keen Home Smart Vents

This is how Keen Home smart vent works

Keen Home Smart Vents

The vent’s built-in wireless radios can even support ZigBee and Thread

Keen Home Smart Vents

The mobile app can easily control temperature of each room in your house

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