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This tech savvy house has its own nightclub with a professional DG booth

Sometimes passion makes a man do things that people can’t even think about. This is a successful passion-story of a homeowner who used to be a DJ in his college years. With the help of Smarthomes Chattanooga, he turned his 15,000 square foot home into his own professional DJ Booth. The booth integrated to the house has all professional DJ items like synthesizers, computers, and audio-video mixers. Not just that, the Smarthomes Chattanooga enabled this home with Control4 programming software that helps the homeowner to take control of the home and transform it into a complete nightclub.

Control4 system is very innovative asset to this home DJ booth as it allows the homeowner to share the kind of music and video combinations he feels like rocking the inhabitants of the house with. All speakers and TV panels are connected to this system so that full control can be achieved by the in-house DJ.
Having a DJ booth without lighting and visual effects doesn’t sound to be fun – so to give it a more professional touch the homeowner fitted the booth with commercially used nightclub lightings like disco balls, strobes, colorful LED lights, and many more other devices, all controlled by the DJ booth. To add more controls to the DJ booth, it has been given the enhanced functionality to open and close two exterior and garage doors, and display the output of surveillance cameras on TV screen.

Via: ElectronicHouse

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