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University Professor Designs Minimal Chair that Ships Flat, Assembles in Seconds

Tong Kim, an associate professor of industrial design at Purdue University College of Liberal Arts has designed a chair that can be shipped in a thin flat box and can be assembled in seconds without any tools. Dubbed Minimal Chair, it is conceived as an attempt to improve lean manufacturing that will result in reduction of waste.

Tong Kim said;

We want to take giant leaps in sustainable manufacturing, This chair represents only one small piece of our overall goal to streamline lean manufacturing and reduce energy waste.

Kim’s Minimal Chair is made from a combination of thin and lightweight metal, wood, and leather. There are foldable hinges that add flexibility to the chair design.

Essentially, it is a flat-pack board that seamlessly turns into a chair and is ideal to promote sustainable living. The chair can be modified into different sizes, dimensions and weight bearing capabilities, depending on the consumers’ need. 

According to the designer, the chair is shipped in a flat package, reducing shipping costs by more than 50 percent. Shipping cost is one-third of the overall costs for manufacturing goods, Kim notes. 

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In addition to the flat-pack chair, Kim has also designed “Sharing Chair,” which is a stackable furniture unit that can be used by up to three people at the same time.

Check out a video demonstration of the Minimal Chair below.

ViaPurdue University

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