Two-story Drive-in amphibious home by Waterstudio

Drive-in water house by waterstudio

Dutch are gearing up to tackle climate change with water-borne homes. One architect who is rethinking water homes in Netherlands is Koen Olthuis and his Waterstudio team. The Drive-in aka Float-in by Waterstudio is designed for living and working on water. The amazingly artistic amphibious home comprises of two separate houses, which are connected to each other with two platforms. The platform on the lower section of the architecture can be used as a car/boat parking, while the platform on the upper section of the house functions as a large terrace.

Drive-in amphibious house by waterstudio

Built on water instead of being built into the earth, the amphibious home stays afloat just like a houseboat and is connected to steel posts on the ground to prevent the house from floating away. The 140 sq. meter home is spread on two-stories and comes complete with bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. And yes, the ultra-panoramic view of the water outside.

Float-in water house by waterstudio

Via: Waterstudio

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