Husarska Designs UP! Multifunctional Cot Bed for Bellamy

Husarska Designs UP! A Crib that Converts into Desk, Bed

Poland-based Husarska Design Studio has designed the UP! convertible cot bed for furniture maker Bellamy. It is multifunctional furniture that can adjust to the growing needs of a child. UP! is a crib with storage cabinet that can be disassembled into a kid’s desk and also a bed as the baby grows.

Each cot comprises three units – a cabinet, a desk, and a bed. All these units attach to each other for making up the crib and can also be disassembled when a bed is required. On one side of the crib is a small cabinet with drawers and shelves while the other side is for the bed with wooden grills. The grills are removable and can be turned into a desk with an adjusted top.

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UP! multifunctional cot bed is a comfy and safe space for kids while it also facilitates parents by providing with space to store the child’s supplies and toys. However, this is not a very new concept – convertible cribs are already available in the market, a couple of notable ones we have seen in the past include Storkcraft’s Princess convertible crib and Micuna’s multifunctional crib.

Husarska Designs UP! Multifunctional Cot Bed for Bellamy

Image: Husarska

Husarska Designs UP! Multifunctional Cot Bed for Bellamy

Image: Husarska

Via: Behance/Husarska

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