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USS Enterprise coffee table #2

USS Enterprise Coffee Table Designed to Woo Star Trek Fans

Tennessee-based furniture designer Barry Shields has handcrafted unique two coffee tables inspired by Star Trek and Star Wars, two of the most popular science fiction series of all time. If you are a Star Trek enthusiast wanting to give a sci-fi makeover to your living room, one of them that resemble the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek might be a cool option for your living room.

This Star Trek inspired coffee table is made from wood and glass. Barry has given nice attention to craft the details of the wooden spacecraft shape. The table is polished for a rustic charm, making it a centerpiece of any space. Its clear glass tabletop reveals the wooden aesthetics of the spaceship underneath beautifully.

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USS Enterprise Coffee Table is fully-functional and will showcase your love for Star Wars. He is selling it for $3,500.

USS Enterprise coffee table #2

USS Enterprise coffee table #2 made from mixture of distinct wooden pieces

Source: Mymodernmet

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