Vader Q Wood Burner and BBQ

Vader Q: Dual-Purpose Wood Burner and BBQ for Star Wars Fans

Barnsley-based designer Alex Dodson from Burned By Design has created industrial chic wood burner called Vader Q, which also doubles as a BBQ grill. This means you’ll be able to cook delicious barbecued meals using the Darth Vader-themed outdoor gear while keeping you warm during cold evenings.

This firepit-cum-barbecue is completely handmade out of a propane gas cylinder. To create the sci-fi-themed BBQ, the designer has firstly drawn the Darth Vader illustration a propane bottle and then cut out the cylinder in the desired shape. Further, some scrap metal has been used for detailing. After completing the outdoor gear, it’s painted in black.

Some of the main features of the Vader Q are hinged BBQ lid, stainless steel mesh behind the eyes, two-level charcoal grill, and swivel cooking grill. All these elements make it a perfect outdoor BBQ grill for cooking a variety of dishes while being in touch with your favorite Star Wars character.

This is not the first time when Alex has designed a movie-inspired wood burner. In fact, he has a huge collection of unique wood burners made in shape of sci-fi movie characters such as BB-8 fire pit. But it is the first time when Alex has created a BBQ grill along with a wood burner for Star Wars fans.

The Vader Q is priced at £399 (approx. US $499), excluding shipping charges. You can request for your custom order on Burned by Design’s Facebook page or official website.

Vader Q Wood Burner and BBQ

Darth Vader-shaped BBQ grill

Vader Q Wood Burner and BBQ

Handmade from a prone cylinder

Vader Q Wood Burner and BBQ

Darth Vader designed on a cylinder and embellished with steel parts

Vader Q Wood Burner and BBQ

Dual-purpose wood burner and BBQ

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