Vannfall Water Jug by Jin Kuramoto for Nedre Foss

Vannfall Water Jug by Jin Kuramoto is True Work of Art

Japanese designer Jin Kuramoto has created a sculptural Vannfall Water Jug for Nedre Foss, a Norwegian brand specializing in sustainable homeware objects rooted in Scandinavian design. Looking at this water jug, one can feel that it’s a true work of art, as it has a strong expression and looks like running water.

The production of this jug started with wrapping a wireframe with rope and then applying fibrous clay mixed in water to form its model. This model has been 3D scanned and digitized. Furthermore, a metal tooling is made with CNC cutting technology. Lastly, the glass is blown and beautiful injection molded to form this stunning glass jug.

Kuramoto has tried to retain the charm of the original model during the entire process. It is a true work of art that has a unique interpretation of sculptural utility. The initial design of the master model of this jug has been handcrafted in the designer’s studio. Plus, all of his haptic and intuitive ideas are captured in the end product.

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The highlighting feature of the Vannfall water jug is that it mimics something in motion, depending on its color and organically growing shape, something like a waterfall. Besides being a beautiful and useful object, this water jug can also double as an elegant decor piece in your kitchen or living room’s display area.

Available in clear and bottle green designs, this artistic jug is priced at 1,100 NOK (approx. $110).

Image: Jin Kuramoto

Image: Jin Kuramoto

Image: Jin Kuramoto

Image: Jin Kuramoto

Image: Jin Kuramoto

Vannfall Water Jug by Jin Kuramoto-1

Image: Jin Kuramoto

Via: SpoonTamago

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