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VERSI Docker Stand

VERSI Docker/Stand exhibits its industrial essence with functional features

Welcome to the machine age – Dale Rorabaugh has struck again, this time with industrial impeccability. A far cry from Napa Valley wines and soft lights, the designer has opted for the VERSI Docker/Stand. The change in design language is quite conspicuous with the contraption’s audacious display of its modern aluminum credentials. However, the true essence of the docker is in line with most of Rorabaugh Designs’ products, where core usability still takes precedence over impressive aesthetics.

In fact, the VERSI Docker Stand has already been touted as the ‘only docker/stand you will need in your lifetime’. From the perspective of functionality, we have to agree (grudgingly) with the bold statement. Unlike other docking mechanisms, the VERSI is not aimed at specific phone manufacturers like Apple. Instead, the scope is more collective in nature, with the docker’s capability to charge every USB device under the sun, ranging from smartphones, tablets to eBook readers.

Beyond compatibility, the VERSI also shines when it comes to usage pattern. The stand gives you the option of raising your mobile device to a proper viewing angle and height (by virtue of its dual pivot arms). So, when you are working on a tablet in a stationary mode, you don’t have hunch over to reach for the screen. This scope of convenience is further complemented by a special Cable Management System, which effectively hides all the paraphernalia of wires, and yet keeps your device carefully secured to the charging stand.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the VERSI has successfully crossed its Kickstarter goal, with 51 days still to go. The systems will mainly comprise of three models – the VERSI Docker/Stand for holding a single device; the Dual VERSI Docker/Stand for holding your tablet as well as smartphone; and the VERSI Docker/Stand with an LED light. The retail price for the single mode VERSI Docker/Stand will probably come around at $89.

And, in an interesting note, HomeCrux had the golden opportunity to catch up with Dale Rorabaugh himself. Please, read on to find out what he had to say about his brainchild – the industrially streamlined VERSI docker/stand.

HomeCrux: Tell us something about yourself. How did your journey with Rorabaugh Designs begin?

Dale: I’ve been designing and manufacturing products for over 30 years the first being in high school when I made my own robot called Audi. Since then, I’ve designed and manufactured ophthalmic medical devices. I’ve always love to make things that work and people will use. Being in the wine business gave me an opportunity to re-purpose wine barrel staves that would otherwise been turned to the fire pit. Thus, the Lumia Wine Wall and Lumia were born. Anyone can make a wine rack, but to make it unique inspired me to add light to both products.

I also love all things technical and especially gadgets that you can use. That’s where the VERSI docker stand came to be designed. I was dissatisfied with all the stands and chargers out on the market and I have bought my share of these and knew I could design something more elegant and useful than what was available.

HomeCrux: How is the VERSI Docker Stand different from others?

Dale: The VERSI Docker Stand is a totally different concept than what is on the market today. It’s totally versatile and fluid. As you can see from the videos, you can move it in any direction, viewing angle or height. Being an Optometrist I was concerned about the correct viewing position and angle consumers use while at their desk. The VERSI solves this problem because you set the height and angle to meet your personal specific needs. Not only is it personalized to the user but also it charges your device while you work and had a hidden cable clip that keeps your factory cable out of sight – meaning no dangling cables. Our unique Cable Management System and Case Compatibility allows you to use your factory cable and there is a hidden grooved channel that holds the cable so it is not seen. They’re aren’t many docks or stands that allow for most types of cases but the VERSI allows any case that you have using the specially designed clips to hold the devices in place. No Nano sticky stuff or magnets are used.

The other original and important feature of the VERSI Docker Stand is that is not only for iPad & iPhone but it will accommodate any tablet or smartphone. So, the VERSI Docker Stand is available in two models one that holds one tablet and the DUAL VERSI that accommodates any tablet and smartphone. There is a third model that has a bright LED light integrated into the base – again no cords or cables showing, protruding or tangled. All three versions include the Cable Management System.

HomeCrux: You have already reached the $3,000 goal on Kickstarter. Where do you go from here?

Dale: Since our main goal is already met, we’re thinking of adding some special stretch goals.

HomeCrux: What will be the estimated retail price of the docker/stand when it hits production?

Dale: The estimate stretch goal of the VERSI in machine-age aluminum will probably retail around $89.00.

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