Megi Levitating Lamp can be Controlled with Voice Commands

Voice-Controlled Megi Levitating Lamp has 15W Wireless Charger

New York-based furniture manufacturer Megi has developed a new levitating lamp that features a sleek metallic design to suit contemporary living spaces. The lamp is dimmable and can be controlled by voice commands, which makes it different from others available in the market.

Megi levitating lamp offers soothing ambient light that can create a calm atmosphere. Its three-levels of brightness can be adjusted according to need. The lamp comprises two main parts: the base and the bulb that hovers using magnetic levitation and powers the light by induction.

The lamp has powerful superconducting magnets to keep the lamp arm and the lighted shade invisibly tethered close to each other in perfect position. The LED light is powered by induction as it floats in mid-air without wires. The floating lamp head design works on the same concept that powers maglev trains.

Users can easily brighten or dim the lamp with touch-sensitive buttons on the base or by using voice commands. The integrated voice-control system allows users to turn the lamp on/off or brighten/dim the light with simple commands.

The floating lamp has a safety feature, which makes it safe around children and pets. In case of power out or an accidental bump, the light automatically sticks to the head above for safety. In addition, the lamp also features 5W wired charging and 15W wireless charger in its base. This way, it becomes a perfect bedside lamp. You will be able to recharge phones and electronics conveniently using the lamp.

Megi levitating lamp uses a patented eye-safe anti-blue light that reduces eyestrain while reading. The illumination imitates natural sunlight, which is ideal for reading, relaxing, or working. This lamp can be used in different living spaces for different purposes.

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It not only illuminates the space but also creates a magic-like effect that evokes a feeling of wonder. Users will really benefit with convenient controls. If you think you should possess one of these Megi levitating lamps, head over to Kickstarter and pledge a minimum of $129 to get the basic version and $169 for the Pro version. Shipping is expected to begin in July.

Megi Levitating Lamp can be Controlled with Voice Commands

Image: Megi

Megi Levitating Lamp can be Controlled with Voice Commands

Image: Megi

Megi Levitating Lamp can be Controlled with Voice Commands

Image: Megi

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