Waterscapes reinvent aquariums with 3D printed architectural pizzazz

Haruka Misawa, a designer and founder of Misawa Design Institute, is making waves in the underwater world with minimalist aquariums titled ‘Waterscapes.’ Balancing effects of water and air, these fish tanks are reinvented with freshwater landscapes, including 3D printed architectural pizzazz that’s inspired by undersea plant life.

3D printed aquariums

Giving novel redefinition to aqua-scaping, waterscapes feature 3D printed sculptural forms as compositional elements for fish, turtles, and aquatic plants to interact with the surrounding landscapes inspired by the nature. These artificial nature-inspired landscapes within the aquariums are the outputs of a 3D printer.

All thanks to 3D designers Kennichi Hashimoto and Kosho Yamasaki, Misawa has managed to recreate the natural underwater environments while utilizing the effects between water and air. This way the waterscapes are able to create micro-environments where plants can grow within bubbles of air surrounded by aquatic flora that small fishes use as a shelter for protection.

The bubbles of air present within the aquariums allow plants to thrive at the center of these see-through fish shelters. Besides 3D printed natural aquatic plant-like structures, the aquariums also include delicate 3D printed lattice work, representing the underwater sea life.


Unlike other modern aquarium designs, the prime focus here is not on the vessel’s shape, but on the sculptural forms within inside the aquarium that create an interior architecture for fishes to navigate. The meta environments appear like miniature fish bowls within larger aquariums, while plants can be seen floating at the top of the inner enclosures.

Sadly these aquariums by Haruka Misawa are only prototypes as for now. However, these stunning fish tanks have been exhibited in Tokyo and Taipei.

You can watch fishes checking out their fancy new homes in the video below.


3D printed object inside the aquarium


The 3D printed objects mimic natural underwater sea life


Geometric structure within the fish tank


Aquarium including 3D printed architectural pizzazz


Fishes exploring the meta environment


Bubbles of air are present within the aquariums


Fishes navigating 3D printed lattice work


Waterscapes focus on inner structure of the aquarium rather than vessels’ shape

Via: Designboom

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